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Akplas, established in 1989 with the production of spare parts; began to produce all types of clamped sprinkler pipes and the equipments in 1995, followed by the latched sprinkler pipe production in 1998.  

In 2003, Akplas developed the clamped product group and commenced production by patenting the spring clamped product group.  

In 2004 the round drip irrigation pipe within the agricultural irrigation pipe group was began to be produced as 2lt and 4lt. Also, PE infrastructure pipes, between 16 and 400 diameters which have big importance in agricultural irrigation and which are infrastructure products were began to be produced in the same year while AYPE aral started to be produced between 16 and 160 diameters. 

In 2007, we became the FIRST company which produced monoblock (one piece) in all spare parts as a result of our R&D studies in sprinkler irrigation pipes. 
In 2008, we became leader of the sprinkler irrigation industry. 
In 2009-2010, we produced the sprinkler pipe with a diameter of 50 in addition to the spare parts thereof.  Furthermore, 200 and 225 diameters were produced on demand and our company became the first company which achieved production with this diameter. Our two production facilities also started operating in Osmaniye province during this period.  
Production of flat drip irrigation group and PVC clean water infrastructure, commenced in the same year and we became leader of agricultural irrigation in the field of pipe groups. 
Akplas has not only made production in the industry, but continuously manufactured new products for it thanks to its R&D works. 

Akplas, having a wide field of activity and strong infrastructure in its sector, has implemented the processes thereof from the day it was established by employing individuals who have strong human relations and who are creative, energetic and open to innovation and who focus on continuous development and efficiency, who believe in the value of teamwork, in different departments and positions and achieved groundbreaking events and will continue to carry these innovations to henceforth. 

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Our vision is to realize stable growth and high performance without compromising on our quality and be a brand sought in domestic and foreign markets with our products… 


Our mission is to increase our value in the eyes of our customers as well as our established company’s value to a higher level in domestic and foreign markets and focus constantly on the production and marketing of quality products in order to meet the needs of our valued customers…


  • Up to how many bar pressure do Sprinkler Irrigation Pipes resist?
    • Sprinkler irrigation pipes withstand 6 atm pressure but all elements of the system may not work under this pressure. For example, the number of sprinklers used or the sprinkle flow rate can damage the sprinkler operation under this pressure. As such, sprinkler irrigation systems should be operated at 2-3 bar levels.

  • What is the difference between MDPE HDPE Pe 80 and Pe 100?
    • Polyethylenes defined with petrochemical development are classified according to their density LDPE/Low Density Polyethylene, MDPE/Medium Density Polyethylene and HDPE/High Density Polyethylene. High Density Polyethylenes have more strength than others. MRS (Minimum Required Strength) value has been calculated as 8 for MDPE and 10 for HDPE products. This allows for more fluid to pass through due to a higher strength at lower wall thickness for HDPE. MDPE products, on the other hand, provide advantages in cracks and splitting caused by external impacts with a larger wall thickness value.