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Our aim,  as Akplas Family Employees, is to carry our current situation full of quality, success and firsts that we have reached in the sector we operate in today, together with our Akplas Family Employees even higher and to convey the success of people-oriented management at the highest level of our values to our esteemed employees, customers and stakeholders. 

Our goal we will follow in this process is to create an employee profile which uses resources efficiently by team spirit and teamwork by blending both the wishes and productivity of our new employees who joined our family, and the motivation and experience of our employees who have contributed to our position today thank to the synergy within our company. 

Akplas, adopting the management system according to the targets, provides the necessary policies and technical information to create an environment that will increase the motivation and efficiency of its employees and in order to protect and develop this environment. 

It is essential for us to put our employees in effective performance evaluation systems in order to bring them to high performance, ensure that they receive the necessary training, support the situations in which they have achieved outstanding success within the framework of our values and competencies, and exemplary attitudes and behaviors that contribute to the organization with an effective rewarding system and draw their development and career maps together in order to help them develop in terms of competencies. 

To ensure that our employees see the Human Resources Department as a companion in all processes, and to be a Strategic Business Partner to be consulted by our Management and Managers is among our most important objectives. 


  • Up to how many bar pressure do Sprinkler Irrigation Pipes resist?
    • Sprinkler irrigation pipes withstand 6 atm pressure but all elements of the system may not work under this pressure. For example, the number of sprinklers used or the sprinkle flow rate can damage the sprinkler operation under this pressure. As such, sprinkler irrigation systems should be operated at 2-3 bar levels.

  • What is the difference between MDPE HDPE Pe 80 and Pe 100?
    • Polyethylenes defined with petrochemical development are classified according to their density LDPE/Low Density Polyethylene, MDPE/Medium Density Polyethylene and HDPE/High Density Polyethylene. High Density Polyethylenes have more strength than others. MRS (Minimum Required Strength) value has been calculated as 8 for MDPE and 10 for HDPE products. This allows for more fluid to pass through due to a higher strength at lower wall thickness for HDPE. MDPE products, on the other hand, provide advantages in cracks and splitting caused by external impacts with a larger wall thickness value.